You might be the parent of a returning racer if…

You might be the parent of a returning racer if….

  • You have already put clean sheets on your racer’s bed.
  • You have begun planning meals, snacks and treats with all their favorite foods.
  • You have a system for marking off the days…ie: marking off your calendar, counting down in your journal, making construction paper chains. (That would be the elementary teachers. 🙂 )
  • You already have your alarm set for the day of their return so you will be to the airport early.
  • You have welcome home banner made/bought.
  • You no longer worry about flights making it to their destination. (okay…not as much anyway)
  • You break out in a smile often with the thought of how few days until you see your racer.
  • You imagine the airport scene of you and your racer running into each other’s arms…in slow motion.
  • You are confident that God will orchestrate your racer’s future because you are amazed at how he has orchestrated this past 11 months.
  • You know your racer will be a different person when they return than when they left.
  • You are practicing not asking too many questions or questions that are too vague.
  • You know you probably cannot do it.
  • You are planning a party…if your racer wants one…but if they don’t you won’t have one…or if they want to be with small groups of people you will invite them…or if they don’t you will leave them alone…or if they want to speak you will arrange it…or if they don’t you will screen people…or….
  • You are trying really hard to let your racer lead the way on how to best “re-enter” but you don’t really know how.
  • You are nervous.
  • You dream of sitting for hours listening to everything that happened in your racer’s year.
  • You know that probably won’t happen.
  • You cannot wait to hear about/meet their new family.
  • You hope they haven’t forgotten yours.
  • You look forward to having them around sharing your space.
  • You expect they will need a lot of time alone to relish the quiet.
  • You have gassed up, changed the oil and washed their/your car so they can go visiting friends and family.
  • You have watched God work from around the world and you can’t wait to see it for yourself.
  • You have felt God work here and you can’t wait to share what he has done with you.
  • You expect there will be some ‘feedback’ in your future.
  • You no longer worry about what modes of transportation they take or what food they eat because you can see they are still alive despite what they have done to this point.
  • Fear has lost its grip on your thoughts regarding your racer.
  • Trust has become more familiar to you.
  • You know that everything will work out fine…because your racer will be home.


Also… this is a word I got for Hannah, but as I have read more racers blogs I really think it is for more than just her. Please share it with your racers. I think many of them are feeling this fear.

“Do not be afraid of returning to things as they were. You are not who you were. I have transformed you…your mind, your heart, your desires, your expectations. All things are made new. I have every step of your future planned out so there is no need to be anxious. You have learned to trust…the only difference when you get home will be learning to trust in a familiar environment. You have been practicing and all your lessons will transfer to life, no matter where you are. Fight the urge to compare your journey with others. Each one is unique and of my choosing. The places you have been lead to the next step. The place you were before you left was necessary to move you forward along my path. This path has taught you trust, security, passion, endurance, confidence, discernment, hearing my voice, following your heart. All of these things were my plan for you. All of these things will serve you in your next steps with me. If you could, would you trade any of them away to have avoided the painful season that brought you to the race? The answer is no. You would not. You heard my voice despite the pain and you followed it to me. Do not fear beloved. Do not fear, I have it all well in hand. You can trust me. I am trustworthy. But you know this already. You have lived it in the most glorious way. So rest. Rest in me. In my purposes and in my ways. I am doing a new thing…

Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. Isaiah 43:18,19

12 thoughts on “You might be the parent of a returning racer if…

  1. So, I have done ALL of those things! I have been running around all week with a smile! We survived! Wasn’t sure I would, but I did! And Ben survived! If only I could have know that so well before! Thank you for your words of comfort. Will share with Ben!

  2. I just finished reading this to my husband. He sits there listening and I am a balling through this whole blog. Although I am not in the US and cannot prepare for my racer’s homecoming – I am so thankful for the two WR mamas – who are doing all the above and more! That is one thing that has really blessed me this year are the friends I have made within the WR family!!! My WR race parent’s page for Sept 14 Launch squads and for L Squad have been like a real lifeline for me – to laugh, to be more knowledgeable about situations, to weep, to pray for others and to feel understood. Your blogs Michelle, Pat, and others…have given us perspective right in the moment! THANK YOU to you and all who are part of the Parent Ministry for the WR!!!

    The second part of your blog helps me see God’s heart in all of this! He is sovereign and we will trust him in all things! We are blessed that we have had this journey of faith, hope, trust and have experienced the Father’s love.
    Blessings on all who read this blog and who are experiencing the joy of a returning racer! (((Hugs)))) Karin K.

  3. Michelle, I almost laughed out loud at how well you know this drill…just today I washed the car and put the sheets on the bed! And it is SO funny trying to plan get-togethers.. or non-get-togethers, as you pointed out! I’d like to think that my daughter will come home and pour out her heart and experiences to me all week, but I know that in reality it will probably happen just like it has all through high school and college…when I least expect it, usually around midnight when I have to wake up early the next morning. 🙂 Thank you for the spiritual encouragement – may the Lord help us all be good listeners and sensitive to his leading.

  4. Thank you for putting into words just about everything that is happening on my end! I have organized my daughter’s closet (for what I know is the last time, ever), washed all her bedding, hung it out on the clothesline and lovingly re-made her bed. I have bought her favorite foods and am so excited to cook for her again, and I have replenished her shampoos, conditioners, makeup, and all things girly and American. Now we count the hours, not the months, weeks, or days. And I am renewed.

  5. Absolutely beautiful picture of re-entry. I will err on the side of hugs and apple/ginger juice. I will resist aggressive questioning and scheduling. Thanks for the vision. We serve a reckless fearless God. I’m sure this is just another unpredictable season full of fun and laughter and insights.

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