Breaking Dawn

I am surrounded by darkness and silence. It is moments before the dawn and I am once again awake. My body doesn’t appear to know that it is summer and I no longer have to rise before the sun. I tip toe onto the porch of my parents’ home so as not to awaken those who are still asleep. The cool breeze blows just enough to make the wind chimes tinkle softly. I breathe in. I breathe out. I rest in the peace of the morning. No rushing yet. No light. No birds singing. Just sitting in the dark and being. It is enough.
The first shrill bird calls to the sun and both arise together. The blackness fades to gray to a chorus of chirping. They are all up now. The day is upon me. I begin to see the shadowy outlines of the rhododendron bushes in full bloom. The Hemlocks are swaying under the arms of a huge White Pine. The air is sweet and clean because of the nighttime showers. It is easy breathing in the nature around me this day. Restful even.
The slumber of the house gives way to the sounds and smells of coffee brewing. In a bit, activity will overtake the quiet of the morning. The list in my head that woke me before the dawn will demand to be checked off. I will oblige. But for now, I soak in the moment. Peace surrounds me and I allow it to saturate my soul.

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