The Dawn is Coming!

I went out into the darkness just before the dawn. A black shroud clung to the trees trying not to lose its grip. There was no light, only a chill that gave me goose bumps. It was all inclusive, this shadow, seeking to spread itself into my heart this morning. I looked in every direction and saw only black. No outline of mountains, no breaking of the day, not even the trees were visible from my back porch. I thought it seemed appropriate after the events in Boston yesterday. It was as if the Earth was in mourning. The sounds of misty rain seemed to mirror the ache that I get in my heart whenever there is a violent loss of life. It is a deep sorrow that causes me to hit my knees and cry out for mercy…mostly “Oh, God help us” and tears. There is nothing more to be said at times like this one. At least that is what I feel in the moments that follow a tragedy of this proportion. But then…
But then, as I sat in the darkness trying to unburden my heart, I heard a song. Not just one bird but a multitude of birds, broke into a melody that refused the sadness trying to engulf me. The tune was more than joyful, it was exuberant. They cried out even in the darkness, like invisible voices urging me to hear their message.
“Dawn is coming! The light will be here soon! Do not dismay…his mercies are new every morning…even THIS morning! His ears have heard the weeping. His heart is full of compassion and his grace is flowing even now…even when you cannot SEE. Trust the sun to come up. Know that light overcomes the darkness. He knows every sparrow, he cares for our every need. He is faithful and his mercy endures forever!”
I was surrounded by the song to the point it flowed through me, healing my troubled heart. I could not see the flock, but the announcement of the dawn reverberated in the air. My chin was lifted up, my heart lightened. Their song changed everything, while at the same time changing nothing. I still do not understand the evil in the world. I cannot answer “why” terrible things happen. What I can do is lift my eyes up. I can look for light in the darkness and hold tight to his hand in the midst. Only then can I truly SEE.

“I will lift my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? It comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and Earth.”

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