Learning a Lesson

You would think after as much experience as I have with a motorized chairs at Walmart I would know how to pick them. I first used these carts when I was sick and my blood counts were so low I couldn’t walk far without being completely exhausted and out of breath. Bill found that you could add some speed if you get behind the chair with a regular cart and push. He would follow and be my turbo boost, all while filling up his cart with whatever I pointed out. I was a game like activity and made shopping for a family of 6 while battling cancer fun…sort of. Since that time I have had to have these carts with my seemingly unending leg/foot/knee issues. I have to say that I even though I should be an Andretti with all of my experience, I still run into things and nearly knock down old women (because they can walk faster than I can drive this stupid cart).
Inevitably, I get the one that is slowest, or hasn’t been charged enough. This week, I started out with the little red indicator lights at full force. I have learned to check it before taking off. By the time I reached the back of the store, the first little light was off. No problem. I told Hannah, “My speed is going to be dropping but I think we can make it.” However, with each row a light went out. There are only six little lights. I decided to make a break for the front of the store to trade out for a newly charged cart. I use the phrase make a break for it loosely. Inching, much like a snail, I crept toward the buggy holding area. As I pulled in, an older man took off with the remaining charged cart! My only hope was to pray I could make it to the other side of the store and find an operational cart. Meanwhile, Hannah was thinking I got lost and headed to the front of the store to help me out. I commandeered the most energetic cart of the two available and was off, weaving through the lines at the four registers that were open, trying not to kill anyone. Once I met up with Hannah the rest of the shopping was uneventful… except for a few near misses, after all, it was Saturday…busiest day of the week for Walmart.
I share all of this for a purpose. A long time ago, I prayed for patience. God took me seriously. Lesson? Be careful what you pray for, because you might just get it. 😉

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