The day after. Life went on then, as it goes on now. We grieved then. We rebuild now. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, we stand, years later, looking forward…restoring buildings, building museums, and trying to determine the best way to remember while still moving on. I believe the resilience of the human spirit is something God breathed into us. Pouring himself in, his strength, his courage, his resurrection power. Why else would we continually rise up in difficult situations?
September 12th is no different. We reflect, then we rise. The gripping drama reminds us of what is important. The day after reminds us to keep living. It is our determination not to let the disaster stop us which causes us to put one foot in front of the other, and not to give up on life. We stand up, step up, and allow hope to grow. Our silent hearts fill up with anticipation for the future. Uncertain that day, now the future holds a resolve to pursue peace. There is an expectation that lessons were learned that hopefully our children will carry into the future. Loss renews love. Tragedy releases tears. Out of death…comes life. The day after.

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