Time for an update

First. I am doing well. Much better as far as pain goes. I am off the big med during the day for the most part, unless PT pushes me to the point I have to have it. I am using a walking stick most of the time, however, in public, I still feel safer/stronger with a walker. My knee feels weak surgically, but the pain I had before is gone! So once this heals up, I’m good to go. So for now, I am icing it three times a day, and doing my exercises at least twice. I got to a 95-degree bend today, which is a great improvement from the beginning. I can also completely straighten it, which can sometimes take a while with this surgery, so that is good. The bending is the hardest thing because my therapist actually pushes it past what is comfortable…we usually go until I am in tears. Yet we see improvement each time, and to get back to fully functional (120 degrees) I have to keep pushing and improving each time. My thought on this is…this is easier than cancer, this is easier than cancer. It gets me through the rough moment or two. I am trying to get out some each day. Friends come and get me or my kids drive me. I figure I need to increase my stamina, and that has proven to be somewhat difficult. I tire easily and there are days I sleep most of the day. Not good since I am supposed to start back to work this Thursday. I asked the doctor about this and she suggested that I increase my iron. With my cancer history, and the loss of blood from the surgery it is possible I am anemic. So I will up my iron intake and try to give myself a boost before the kiddos arrive.

Second. Some of you heard that Peter got hurt playing soccer this past weekend. Bill took him to the ER where they said it wasn’t broken. However, having done this 7 previous times, I thought it looked broken. We went to the doctor today and after examining him, she said it looks like a break in his wrist. These kinds of breaks do not usually show up on x rays until weeks after. For now, he will keep it in a brace and we will return in three weeks for another x ray. If it is broken, it will probably require a screw be put in and a cast for 8 or more weeks. Without the screw, it would have to be casted for 10-14 weeks. We have some decisions to make if we find it is broken. The doctor would not say it is broken…only that the way he fell, the places it is swollen, the amount of pain, and the fact that he heard a pop point to it being a big possibility. He has some pain meds, a brace and a sling. We are currently quite a pair, and cause people to stare in public as we hobble along. Kind of funny. Laugh or cry…I choose laugh. Thanks for your continual support with prayers and food. We are hanging in there. God is still good and still on throne. He still loves me passionately and for that I will ever be grateful. 🙂

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