A story

Story for the day. Auction Kings, baggage wars, storage wars, how its made, and on and on the list of boring shows goes. Boys are at band camp, and work. Bill sleeping since he works nights now. I am on my own all day…limited movement, pain meds, foggy head…no writing…no reading…both make me nauseous. I am asking God to speed up my recovery. I am not a patient person and this sitting around and watching my house get dirty is driving me crazy because I cannot do one thing to fix it. (It takes both hands for me to walk with a walker so I cannot clean, or cook, or even make myself lunch.) God says to me, “you are where I want you.” I start to take issue, but decide instead to try to get it and listen. I hear no words…so back to the TV, with my pouty face.

My physical therapist comes in to torture me…not fun…but necessary. She is quiet today and as we start my exercises she starts telling me about her dad, who was diagnosed with cancer two weeks ago. I hear God. “You are where I want you.” And now I get it. She shares her frustrations and the whirlwind of cancerland…not knowing or understanding the process of chemo, and treatment…ups and downs…delays…then fast forwards. She feels as if she is on a roller coaster of emotions and she is trying to be a supportive caretaker. All while she was pushing my leg past what is comfortable. She is in tears…I am in tears…for different reasons. I am able to share parts of my story, but more importantly to reassure her that this journey she is on is one that is unpredictable, but will solidify her family and prioritize what is truly important.

In the end it was an amazing circumstance that I would not be in if it were not for my knee. It always amazes me how God is into the smallest of details. The perfect set up for my therapist, just what she needed. A one on one. Encouragement and a prayer. Not to mention we have several more home sessions to go before I move to outpatient therapy. Who knows what will happen? The timing, while not what I would prefer, ends up being perfect just the same. A new friend, bonded immediately by traumatic circumstances. My God is a big God.

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