In the Cool of the Evening

Couldn’t stand it any longer. The humidity is low. The air is cool. I had to try it. I knew I would never make the whole lap around the lake, so I let myself off the hook mentally before I even started. Just go as far as my knee will let me. That’s all. I thought I might make it to the beach area. Nope. Not even close. I maybe made it a quarter of a mile…then another quarter mile back. A long way from where I have been, and a very long way from 60 miles. I was amazed at how 6 weeks with very little exercise can weaken the whole body. However, I was also pleased to find out that my knee will let me know when to stop. I have a fear of doing too much and re-injuring it…and I also fear not doing enough and finding it frozen in one position. There is a balance somewhere. I have never been an athlete…until recently anyway. I don’t know how to be one. I just know that they know what to do and that I do not. But I figure you’re never too old to learn. (No comments about my approaching birthday please) I stopped when my knee said so, but until then, I drank in the cool of the evening. The water, the reflection of the mountains, the soft pine straw, the fresh air. There were fern beds lining the trail on both sides. I was overjoyed to see acorns along the path, because that means that fall is nearly here. Yet the tree canopy is intact…at least for a few more weeks, until the leaves take flight. Quiet. Peace. Calm. (No bears tonight) Breathe. In. Out. In. Out. I so love this lake…this trail. I have missed my daily therapy dearly.
I have always thought of this trail as fairly flat. Tonight I realized it is only flat if you have two knees that work. I had to move as slow as Christmas, but at least I was moving. Movement is life. My heart rate climbed slightly. More than my morning bike ride at home, because I have to ride the flat program…doctor’s orders, no hills. Not sure what she will say about me walking the trail when I see her tomorrow. Maybe I won’t tell her. Maybe I will just savor the few moments I got to have, and drift off to a restful sleep… in the cool of the evening.

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