You would think I would have learned about that “judge not lest you be judged” scripture long ago in Walmart. You moms remember…before kids you stood in line and watched the mom with the screaming two year old and thought, “he just needs some discipline” or worse yet “MY child will never act like that.” Fast forward a few years and I was the woman in line with 4 kids under 6 years old…not one but at least 3 of them screaming and fighting in line. Even the woman with no teeth and the Scooby-do tattoo behind me turned her nose up and walked away. Since that day, the boomerang scripture has come back again and again to bite me.
So today, I am here to apologize to every scatterbrained, unorganized person out there in the hopes that my repentance will break this curse I have been living under since my chemo. I never knew. I just thought if you tried harder it wouldn’t be so difficult. Yet here I am with an inability to handle a basic calendar. Once again, I have messed up. Once again, I have gotten times and dates out of order. This time it affected many more than just me. Hannah’s plane does not arrive until Thursday….not tomorrow as I had told the entire family. I am just grateful that Hannah corrected my error BEFORE we all arrived at 6:00 a.m. at the airport on the wrong day. THAT would have been a huge disaster. As it stands, the disaster was averted because my family has learned to check and double check the dates and times that I give them. And I have learned not to trust my own scheduling. What used to be my strength is now my weakness. Humbling to be sure. But I think that is the point. Every time this happens, I cringe, sometimes I cry…others I laugh. I have come to accept this deficiency, and though I will never like it, I will always be watching out for the boomerang.

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