Louise Update

We went for a visit today so that Hannah could tell Louise goodbye before she leaves for Africa. She was in good spirits and communicated very well for the most part. Her therapy had been rescheduled for this afternoon so we didn’t have a lot of time with her. She was excited about Hannah’s trip and couldn’t get over how my girl that had severe separation anxiety as a child, is getting on a plane by herself to go to Africa. She asked a lot of questions about the trip. She wanted to know where she would be staying, who her roommate would be, what classes she was taking and a whole host of other questions. Throughout the conversation she communicated pretty much exactly what she wanted. When she missed a word or lost a thought she knew it and tried to correct it. This is a change for her since before she didn’t seem to notice when she missed a word. She says that she is working on that in therapy and that we need to tell her if she mis-speaks so she can fix it. She also told us that she could have been released from physical therapy, but that she requested to keep going. It has helped her not to fall as often and she is aware of that. Hannah said that every time she sees Nannie she seems more like her old self. I agree with that statement. It is good to see her making forward progress. She seems happier now that she has more energy. We thank you all for your prayers for her.

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