Latest with Louise

Today was Louise’s doctor’s appointment with her oncologist. We got lots of good news! The tumor had not changed in the past three months since her last scan. That means it is stable. She will have another one in three more months. Her medications all seem to be in balance so they didn’t change anything there either. We went ahead and scheduled her next MRI and doctor’s appointment for March. She will continue going to therapy because it seems to be working. She even danced a little jig for the doctor to show off her balance. Her attitude continues to improve and she looks more like herself than she has in a while. They ordered an x-ray for her face because she was still complaining of some pain from her big fall two months ago. I think they ordered it mainly because she seems fixated on the fact that it should be healed by now. It was x-rayed after it happened and there were no broken bones or anything. Even if they do find a fracture there isn’t much they can do about it, but I think it will help her to know if there is something wrong or not. I will be taking her in January for a mammogram. It is her regular yearly one, so we don’t expect there to be a problem. Her bone density test can wait till 2012. All in all a great check -up. We were all very pleased. She has had a wonderful Christmas and I think seeing family helped her tremendously. So if you are over our way anytime give Ray a call to see if she is up for a visit.

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