Rise Up

There is a place I go when I write. It is not a physical place, though my surroundings do sometimes inspire me. It is not a mental place either. I know how to construct a paragraph, know when to use strong verbs, and how to make transitions. I can do these things, and do them fairly well using my knowledge. However, the place that makes the most impact, the place I most like to write from is the heart. There is something deep in me that sparks. When it happens, I do not have to re-think a phrase, or come up with a conclusion. It flows out. I just try to catch it.
Athletes call it the zone. I call it the flow. I have heard it described as the sweet spot, the creative place, and being in the moment. It is when all else fades away and the gift rises up to meet the heart. It is euphoric when it occurs. It leaves behind the desire to go there again and again. So I look for it…the spark of inspiration that will kindle a fire.
For me, it is the seeing that leads the way to the ideas which speak to my heart. Some would call it the human spirit and I would agree. But I would add, the human spirit is made in the image of God. Therefore, when my spirit rises up it is directly related to what his heart feels. In that place, I connect. The result is a masterpiece that I know did not come from me. I think the great artists of the past touched this place. I think composers knew it as well. We think that it was reserved for the Michelangelos and Beethovens, but we are wrong. Each of us has within us the power to rise up in our area of gifting. I am a teacher, and there are days I feel that gift rise up to inspire. I am a mother, and there are days I smile and know that the wisdom I dispense is not from me. I am in the process of becoming an athlete and I know there are days the strength to keep walking is not my own. I also know where I am NOT gifted. I know how to avoid anything to do with math and that I will probably never create a clothing line. My point is that we were created as unique individuals. We are valuable and have much to offer the world in which we live. If we know our strengths and we operate in them there will come a rise up moment. We will soar as we ride the wave of his grace right into the sweet spot. As a result, our lives will be filled with masterpieces that reflect the face of God, in all of his diversity and creativity. There is nothing ordinary about our lives when we rise up.

Remember how I said I look for inspiration? Guess what? I find it…and sometimes in the most unlikely places. For instance, last night at the Falcons game there was a huge red sign flashing all night long. Know what it said? RISE UP!

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