Christmas Update on Louise

Louise got to come to the Christmas production at our church this past Sunday. Many of her former Sunday School classmates came over to speak to her. She said this was the most wonderful day she had had in a long time. She was able to sit for the entire performance which was close to 2 hours long. Then we went to a local pizza place for Peter’s 15th birthday. While we were there Bill asked her if she saw a lot of people at church. She said, “I didn’t see one person that I knew in my mind…but I knew them in my heart.” I thought that was a wonderful way to put it. She seemed pleased to have been able to come and she enjoyed the performance.
She is doing some better. I think the combination of therapy, and a new outlook since Thanksgiving, has helped her. She wants to drive again, if that is any indication of how much better she is feeling. She still is weak, and tires easily. Her communication is still confusing most of the time. She has to take baby steps still and is unsteady on her feet. But she has started to try again. That desire to get better is making all the difference, at least in her attitude. I haven’t been by much lately, due to the time demands of the play at church. Now that is over so I will try to get by more often to keep you updated. Thanks again for your prayers and to all those who made her feel welcome at church. She is always amazed at how many people care about “little ole me.” It really does mean a lot for her to see your smiling faces.

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