I went by for a visit to see Louise tonight. She was in good spirits, even though she was tired. She had a visit from Helen, her friend of 54 years. It is her only friend that she has kept in touch with since high school days. Louise said it was a good visit even though it was long. She was having some difficulty with words tonight but that is more common when she is tired. We talked about how she has realized she cannot do much in the kitchen anymore. She tried to fix some small stuff for her guests but could not do it. She said that she is just going to have to let it go until she gets better. As hard as that was for her to think about, she still has some hope of improvement, whereas before she just gave up on everything. To me that was a good sign. She also mentioned that she wants to come to our Christmas production at church. Before she didn’t want to go anywhere, so that was another encouraging thing to hear. She doesn’t plan to put up a Christmas tree, but she did say she wants to put a few decorations around. To me, all of these things are a change in attitude. Hopefully she will be able to remember tomorrow!
One issue that Ray noticed today is that she was leaning to the left, to the point she was having a hard time keeping herself up. This has happened before, so it was a concern to see it happen again. We had her stand up so that we could see and she was straight. It seems to be a passing thing and she says that she feels tingles in her neck while it is happening. Fortunately, she has a couple of doctors appointments this week, so we should have a chance to ask about this. Ray gave her some medicine and she was able to correct the leaning after she took it. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but neither does much else about brain trauma. I will keep you updated on what the doctors say later in the week.

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