There’s More- Veteran’s Day- Part 2

Sometimes God uses human experience to show us truths we not comprehend any other way. The Veteran’s Day experience I wrote about in my last blog is one of those times. I think it struck a cord with so many because of the Father/Son bond that came across so strongly. I had long discussions with my students and the love between Trecy and Page was the subject of nearly all of them. Hmmm…Father and son…sounds familiar. We all long for a father who loves us unconditionally, whether we had one or not, it is our desire to be fully accepted and loved. That kind of love was demonstrated by Trecy towards his son. Then Page pointed the way saying I want you to understand all my father has sacrificed. He wanted us to see how much his father loves. Martha opened the Skype window to this relationship for all of us to be witnesses. In this way, while we were all talking about Veterans and how much they sacrifice, the Kents let us see, and feel it. Now I am not saying that the Kents are God, however, I am saying that human relationships sometimes mirror spiritual ones.
The Holy Spirit draws us to Jesus, and Jesus points us to the Father. They are three, yet they are one. Each exalting the other. Each wanting us to see how awesome the others are. Do you see it? The Holy Spirit opens the window of our eyes to begin to see the truth. Jesus says he only does what he sees his father do, so he lays himself down. The Father sacrifices the son he loves in order to reconcile the world to himself. It is a picture of the unconditional love for us, but also a picture of how much they love each other. It is a mystery to be sure. People have theologically attempted to explain the trinity all through the ages, but the secret is once again in relationship. Deep in our hearts we know this, and when we see an up close picture of this type of love we are touched. Tears spring to our eyes and we feel. We may not be able to explain it, or even understand it, but our hearts recognize it. Thursday was just such an unexplainable moment. Our hearts knew for a few moments what true sacrifice feels like.

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