Louise update

I went for a visit with Louise on Wednesday. She seems to be holding her own. The speech therapist had been by and the physical therapist as well. Louise doesn’t seem to think the speech therapy is helping her at all. She said it is overwhelming. Ray told me that this new lady has a different approach. It is more visual with pictures of items to help Louise learn to name them. It also uses colors to help her retrieval of words. He thinks it is better than what she was doing before, but Louise wants to quit. She prefers the physical therapy. She says it is helping her more. At least she can see some idea of what it is supposed to help. I guess the fact that it is more measurable is the part she likes. She can see if she can do more each time. In her mind, she feels she is getting worse all the time. To us it seems like she may have leveled off a small amount. She is wanting to mess with her medicines as usual. She thinks that if she just takes them all at the same time each night she will be better. She is frustrated that the doctors will not let her do that. She is eating a lot because of the meds and she is puffy in her face. When Aaron went for a visit yesterday he was shocked at her appearance. She is drastically different than the last time he saw her. However, he said that she seems to be communicating much better. So while her physical changes are still happening, her mental state is getting better. That is a good thing.

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