One stick and a story

My CT scan went well. Only one stick, and all the dye went into the vein. Hurray! I told Bill I feel like a superstitious baseball player. When things go smoothly, I try to remember what I had for breakfast, what I was wearing, and how much water I drank so that I can repeat it next time. In reality, I have no idea why sometimes they can find it and others it takes hours. Today I am giving the credit to all of your prayers and my God who answers them. I will repeat the request now as I begin the waiting for results. You are my friends and biggest supporters. I trust your petitions on my behalf.

Now I have to tell you something that I saw as I was sitting waiting on my test to begin. It does not really have anything specifically to do with my test, but it is a picture I want to share with you. I do not know if you have been watching the coverage of the mine rescue or not. Last night, I saw the first rescuer climb into the confining tube-cage descend into the ground. The camera showed the men crowd around him when he arrived, hugging and crying to see someone from above. The relief was evident in the body language. My own tears welled up as I watched. I couldn’t stay up to see the rest, but I went to bed warm with relief for these men and their families. Today, periodically I tuned in to see each man, one at a time, ascend from the depths into the arms of their families. They were welcomed by the president of their country, and their countrymen singing songs of freedom. Tears welled up in my eyes once again with each embrace.

If you have read any of my writing, you already know that sometimes I see spiritual parallels in things around me. Well this one popped up as I was sitting in the waiting room. See if you can see it too.

Men trapped with no way out. They call out for help knowing only a miracle from above could rescue them. They say “we hope you will rescue us.” A man, confined, and limited descended to set them free from the trap in which they found themselves. He brought them hope. He stayed with them and assigned them each an appointed time to rise to meet their families. The ruler and residents above sang their welcome. All rejoiced and celebrated their salvation.

Of course there are differences between the two stories, but the similarities bring chill bumps. I love it when God shows the world his story…on national television. Every media outlet is running the salvation message 24 hours a day. I can tell you this, our God is a creative God. He will not allow his love story to be hindered by the world in which we live or the media. When the last man is rescued tonight, a celebration like no other will commence in Chile. When the last man is rescued from the darkness of sin, the light will forever shine and heaven will break forth in worship like never before. I will be there on that day, no matter when my appointed time comes. It is my prayer that you will too.

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