Louise’s latest

Bill went and spent some time with Louise while Ray went to a meeting earlier this week. Bill said that she wanted him to leave her and go get her some food. When he refused to leave she got mad, but eventually gave in and went with him once she got hungry enough. Once they left the house she had a good time. They ate and then went for a walk at a local park. She seemed to enjoy the time outside on a beautiful October day.

Today Hannah went for a visit. She said that Louise looked about the same as last time she saw her a couple of weeks ago. She was tired, and ready to nap but she visited with Hannah for a bit. The good news, at least to me, is that she complained about the house being dirty. Let me explain why that is good news…for the past few weeks she has not cared much about anything. She has been totally unmotivated. The fact that she is aware of the state of the house and that she is concerned about it is a sign that she might be coming out of the down time she has been stuck in for the past couple of months. She also complained that she is too tired to clean it, but that it is driving her crazy. I plan to have it cleaned again as soon as I can arrange it. Hannah assured her that we could have it done for her soon. She said that would be wonderful. This is the first sign in a long time that the Louise we know is still in there! I am hopeful that this is a result of the reduction of medications. Only time will tell I guess, but for now, she does not seem to be getting worse…maybe a tiny bit better. That is a welcome change.

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