Louise’s Latest

Louise got her glasses today! She says they help some, not completely, but better than before. The doctor also said it could take a couple of weeks for her eyes to adjust to them, so she still may see even more improvement. They look just like normal glasses and that is much better than the ones with the patch she has been wearing. When I asked her if she could see better she said, “Well I only see one of you, so that is progress.” She seemed cautiously excited about the possibility of improvement. However, the doctor did tell her that her eyes will never be the same as before. So it was a bit of mixed emotion when I talked with her. She was glad to see Aaron and get the chance to tell him good bye before we talk him back to school tomorrow. She is always happy to see any of the grandchildren. I think that overall she would say it was a good day, even mixed with the knowledge that some of the changes are permanent. The fact that her sight is getting some better seems to have reduced her frustration…at least for today. We will see how things progress in the next couple of weeks, but for today the news was good.

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