Visit with Louise

William and I went to swim at Ray and Louise’s house yesterday. We talked with her for a bit about our trip to the beach and Savannah. She didn’t have much trouble communicating, except for specific names. She said she had several visitors and that it seems that she either has many or none. Already before we arrived she had her reading tutor, and the man that works for Ray and his kids. Then we came and after us her friend Jean Carroll came by. Since she had already had many people earlier we didn’t visit for long. We went up to the pool and swam for a brief time and then said our goodbyes afterwards.
Overall she said that her eye is some better, clearer. However, the movement she seems to have in her vision hasn’t changed much. She is still wearing her glasses with one eye covered. She has high hopes that when she goes back the doctor will be able to change her glasses prescription to help her eye. That would be the ideal thing and would make all of us very happy. She will not know about that until sometime next week…then who knows how long to actually get the glasses once they are ordered. The eye stuff seems to have taken her mind off of the brain stuff, at least that is how it seems to us when we come for our brief visits.
Next week I start back to work so my visits will not be as often. However, I can make phone calls to find out how things are going and fill you in as needed. Today I will be walking in a Relay for Life in Highlands NC, I walk in honor of Louise and in memory of my friend Chris Petras. I hate cancer. I hate what it does to people. I want to find a cure. If you hate it too, you can make a donation to my October walk in the Susan G. Koman three day at Just click on make a donation and enter my name…Michelle Gunnin.

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