Eye Doctor

Louise’s eye doctor appointment went well today. He told her that the fuzzy vision could be a result of her cataract surgery. It is common to have to go back and clear out this cloudy vision with a laser. He feels that this might help Louise. Then after the surgery, he wants to update her glasses. He wanted to wait some more time before doing anything to give her eyes a chance to adjust to any changes in her brain. However, she talked him into going ahead. She told Bill that she said, “I don’t know if I am going to live long or short, so I want to do something as soon as you can to make the best of whatever time I have.” I guess she was convincing, because he is doing laser surgery on Monday. She told Bill it was a good day. She is happy that something is being done, even though she doesn’t know if it will make her eye completely better. We knew that this appointment had the potential to be bad if he couldn’t help her. We are thankful that there is something that can be done to try to help. This has been her number one complaint since her surgery, so moving forward is a wonderful step.

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