Louise’s Latest

Louise continues to have her radiation each day during the week at 10:30. She will have the weekend off as well as Monday for the holiday. We saw her tonight for Bill’s birthday and she said that sometimes she thinks the treatment is making her mind worse. This is the first we have heard her say that, however, to us, it doesn’t seem much different than before. She is still having some trouble finding the right words and names. But I was very impressed tonight when she read most of Bill’s birthday card to us. It had some longer words and she only hesitated for a moment to read them. She will discount this because she heard him read it before she tried to read it, however, to go from reading 2 words at a time to whole sentences is progress in my mind. I don’t care if she heard it before, she recognized the words and that is wonderful because it means the capability is there.
Yesterday after her treatment, Ray took her to a performance of her dulcimer group at Central Baptist Church in Gainesville. She has not played with or seen the group perform since her surgery in April. Needless to say, they were thrilled to see her. In fact, they all stopped playing, stood and applauded when she came in, even though she was a few minutes late. Even though she did not get to play, Louise smiled throughout the rest of the performance. Ray said it is the happiest he has seen her since all of this started. After the concert, she stayed and enjoyed lunch with the seniors group and visited with her fellow dulcimer players. This was their last concert until September, and she says she plans to start back with the group at that time. Of all her clubs and groups, I think she most enjoys the dulcimer because she loves music and the fellowship of creating it.
At the end, a group member presented her with a homemade pie. It was a token of her love and care for Louise and it meant a lot to her. On top of that, it was delicious as well. Nothing like fresh baked goods to show how much you care…it is the Southern way. Friends and music have brightened her week this week. It was good to see her in such good spirits when she told us about the day. Thanks to all who made it such a special time for her.

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