I went swimming with Louise today. Yep, I said swimming. I was at the pool and she came up to talk for a bit. It was hot and the next thing I know she is in the pool, clothes and all. She said it was her first time this year. It definitely cooled her down and she enjoyed it. She can do a back flip and a front summersault under the water. She said the front one made her head feel weird. Ya think??? Seriously, she did very well. She swam and moved around for close to an hour. The only problem I noticed was that when she thought she was at the side of the pool she would reach out to grab it, only she wasn’t quite there. I guess her double vision isn’t completely gone yet. She didn’t get in the deep end, but she did swim and tread some in the middle part that was just over her head. I was a bit nervous at first because I didn’t know how much she would be able to do, but she did fine. I didn’t have to use my rescue skills, thank God.
We had a nice chat while we were swimming. She is still concerned about her reading mostly, and her eye. Those two things seem to fixate in her mind. She said she spends half the day thinking of how thankful she is, and the other half thinking how she wishes things were better. She is glad that she can remember all of us and all of our details, but she hates that she doesn’t know our names. It is a bit of a seesaw for her I think. She is doing much better with her talking and seems to remember more now. She says she is not as nervous all the time and feels a little more like herself. We haven’t seen any signs of the radiation regression we are expecting to come at some point. She says her biggest worry is the long term, and the fact that she may never “get better.” We talked about how the tumor will not go away and that the treatment is hoping to stop it from growing. She seems to know we are buying time. I think it is sad to think about it so she is choosing, most of the time, to concentrate on reading and other things she can do something about.
She did find the car keys and took the car to the cabin without telling Ray. She said she wouldn’t have gone on the road. Still that was a scary wake up call. Ray says he will pull the fuse on the car so that she cannot take it even if she finds the keys. We are going to try to find out about the classes they have for brain injured people to re-teach driving skills. Bill took one when he was recovering so I am pretty sure they still exist. That way if she is not ready someone else says so and it takes the pressure off of Ray. She was going to the cabin to get it ready for a friend of hers who is coming to visit tomorrow. This woman went to high school and nursing school with Louise, so Louise is very excited to see her. They reconnected not to long ago, before the tumor and surgery, so it should be a treat.

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