Scan Results

Yesterday, Louise went to church for the first time. It went very well. I talked with her last night and she said she wasn’t scared or embarrassed like she thought she would be. She saw people she knew and they all were happy to see her. I think that lifted her spirits. She told me she was feeling much better, she didn’t have to have an afternoon nap. She said she thinks she has turned a corner and that she felt more normal. This was encouraging to hear because on Saturday she told me she was kind of down. I am hopeful that it is a good sign. They told us it would take around two months to recover from surgery and it is about that time. The question is what will the radiation do and if she will regress during treatment.
Today Louise had a whole body bone scan, which came out fine. It is a relief to know that her back pain is not cancer, but most likely related to the bladder/kidney infections. The other news today is that her radiation treatments start tomorrow rather than next week. It seems that a slot opened up this week, Ray and Louise felt that the sooner they start the sooner they finish. Good news is that they will not be shaving Louise’s hair. She had thought that someone said they would have to shave part of her head, but that is not true. Instead, her hair will fall out on the site where the radiation goes in and on the other side where it goes out. It will come out on its own over time.
On another note, they had to take their dog Barney to be put to sleep. He was 17 years old, blind and mostly deaf. They have been knowing he needed to be put down for awhile. Louise told me last week that she thought it would make her sad to put him down. She didn’t know if she could handle it emotionally. Her health has her upset, she said and that would add to her stress. I guess that when Barney couldn’t get up this morning after trying for a long time, they decided it was time. He was a good dog that gave much happiness over many years. He was a part of the family and he will be missed.

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