Louise’s antics

Yesterday Louise drove. Scary I know. Ray took her to a small store just a few miles from their house. To hear her tell it, she went in and told Ray she wanted something to drink. While he went to pay, she went and got in the driver’s seat. That put him in the position of having to physically remove her from the car. I so remember when Bill was this stubborn. I had to put myself between him and the car. It is a very difficult position to be in, since they do not really understand why they cannot drive. Rather than pull her out of the car Ray let her drive home. She says he almost had a heart attack the whole way. I asked her if she was nervous she said no, that she felt free! Now, since she made it home, she thinks there is no reason she cannot drive. “There are a lot of one-eyed people who drive.” I tried to tell her all the reasons it isn’t safe. She refuted them all. They had gotten in to see the eye doctor due to a cancellation on Thursday and he told her he didn’t want to do anything for her until after her radiation was finished. I have not talked to Ray to know any more details than that, but she seems to think that she will just have to drive with one eye.
However, I did express to her that if she did some damage, or hurt someone that Ray would be the one who would be in trouble. That seemed to catch her attention. I drilled home the point that since she hadn’t been released by her doctor, or passed the drivers test she was, in effect, breaking the law. And that by putting Ray in that position, since he was her guardian she was making him liable for her actions. She didn’t say much to that. She asked me if someone had told me she had driven, because she didn’t think I could come up with that argument so quickly. I told her that I knew from the time she came home that this would be an issue at some point, so I was prepared. Also that Bill had the same reaction and that I had done this before already. That seemed to satisfy her.
Later, her friend Sue came for a visit and she told us that she might be in trouble. This was a curious statement. She went on to explain that after her drive yesterday she had taken the key “from Ray’s hiding place” and put it in the car so she could go for another drive today. When she went to get the key, it was gone. Therefore, she knows that Ray knows she was trying to sneak past him. She checked his hiding place and nothing was there, so she knows he has changed where he is keeping the keys. He hasn’t said anything about it yet, but she knows that he knows.
So our prayer request for the day is that she would not press this issue. It could make it very difficult for Ray if he has to constantly oppose her. I remember the stress of that and it is no fun, yet it is something you have to do in order to keep her and other drivers safe. Hard, hard, hard and very stressful position for him.

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