She’s Home!

Louise came home today. Ray said she did some wash and made dinner. All is well so far. The doctor called and scheduled her oncologist appointment for tomorrow. She felt that was too soon, but Ray explained that tomorrow is just to talk about it. I think she wants to feel settled in at home before starting treatment. Once we know more I will update.
Prayer tomorrow is for wisdom to know if chemo is the best option or not. We want clear direction from God on which way to go with treatment, so that we do not live second guessing decisions later on. We need clarity, and agreement with between doctors, Louise and the family on the best course of treatment. Pray also that she will have understanding. Sometimes the information gets overwhelming to her. We want her to have as much say in her care as possible, and so far she has made some decisions for herself. This makes her feel less like a victim and more in control of things. It helps her and us, but at the same time she cannot see as clearly all that is at stake here, she is living in the moment not always thinking of the future. We need the balance of her thoughts with the direction of the doctors protocols. Once again thank you all for continuing to hold us up before the Father.

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