Mix Up

There was a mix up. Today was NOT the doctor’s appointment. That doesn’t happen for another week. Ray did call and found out that they still do not have the results. Frustrating…yes, very. We know that it is all at Emory and her doctor said he had called down there but it is just not ready. We will know as soon as he knows, he says. So we continue to pray, that the long delay means that it is a slow growing tumor.
Bill went down this morning to visit during therapy. Louise had the best night’s sleep she has had. Having the staples out made it more comfortable for her. The therapy went well and she even noticed that she was improving some. So all was looking up. Then Bill gets a call this afternoon that she has told someone she would rather be dead than at the rehab center. People who are trained in working with folks that might be depressed jumped on that. We do not feel she would try to harm herself, however, with a head injury patients do not always think rationally. They are going to have her evaluated to make sure she is safe. We feel she is mad and speaking out of her anger, which comes and goes. Most of the time she is cooperative, though she doesn’t like therapy, she does it. (Bill used to say just shoot me and put me in my grave. Needless to say, we had a psychologist to work with us.)
Ray took her out to dinner tonight to Captain D’s. She enjoyed getting away from the center for awhile. She is not eating very well, and seems concerned that she has no appetite, but having restaurant food was refreshing. Tomorrow afternoon, Ray is going to take her home so she can shower in her own bathroom and do her hair herself. That should make her feel much better.
Tomorrow is the meeting with the therapists. We think we will hear how they feel she is progressing. We will ask questions about treatment and share observations of how we think she is doing. It should be a good meeting. I will update afterwards to fill you in.

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