Update on Louise

Thank you all for your prayers for Bill’s mom. I will keep you updated through my blog (mgunnin.blog.com) and notes on facebook. As of right now she will be going into surgery around 8:30 tomorrow morning. The plan is for the doctor to cut out the tumor…or as much of it as he can get. She will be in intensive care for a couple of days at least then in the hospital for the rest of the week. After that she may need to go to an intermediate care place until she is ready to go home. We will not know the results of the pathology report for at least 7 to 10 days. So the specifics of whether or not it is cancer or not will not be known for a while. Therefore the options of treatment and what our next steps are will not be know either. We are hopeful that the doctor will be able to give us some guesses but that is not likely.
She is fearful as you can imagine. Her concern is that the surgery might somehow affect her brain even more than how it is not. The doctor says that is not likely, but I can completely understand why she is concerned. Anytime you are dealing with the brain there are so many unknowns and possibilities. Our prayer is that all goes smoothly and that they are able to get the whole tumor. That she will be at peace with the procedures and the medical stuff that follows. Her prayer is that she will be able to do her normal activities, taking care of her husband, dogs, house etc…once she has recovered. Of course none of us want this to be cancer as that would most likely require chemo. She did not tolerate her last chemo well when she had breast cancer 4 years ago, so she really doesn’t want to have to face that again. Radiation is also a possibility to shrink whatever they cannot remove, cancer or not. As you can see to us there are quite a few unknowns, but to God there are none. It is in that fact which we put our hope. Thank you all for your care for our family once again. Many of you have walked with us through our numerous trials over the years and without your prayers we would not have weathered them as we have. Thank you for your strength we can feel it!!! More tomorrow…

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