Lesson 3 Build Momentum

I have often heard the scripture, “unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed.” It must die to be born again. People use this verse to illustrate all kinds of life events in which resurrection power is needed. They are the words of Jesus after all…so there is power in them. It is not surprise that I would find application of this verse on my fitness journey.
First, let us look at the seed. Its hard protective shell keeps it intact…for years if it is not planted. There are seeds that have been found in the tombs of Egypt, shut away for thousands of years. When they were planted, they took root and grew…amazing. Only when a seed goes into the dirt does the outer casing fall away so that the inner life is released. Life takes root deep in the soil, and only then does the plant make its way out to grow strong. Once it is strong and blossoms, it produces more seeds and the cycle of life continues.
My application to fitness? Well, muscles have to be broken down to become stronger. That is what all the burn is about, pushing ourselves harder in order to break the muscle down. Only after does strength come. If you never push yourself, the protective outer shell of fat will never fall away. That is the physical part…breaking things down, and allowing them to “die” only makes you stronger. Dying to old eating habits… moving your body…dying to expectations, both met and unmet…releasing the stress of life through physical movement. The natural first…now the spiritual parallel.
Another more important application is this. Old thought patterns must die…the legalistic mentality, or the thought that we are weak and unable to be strong, the disqualification, the thinking that you are weak incapable, and unable to make progress. All of those thoughts are lies. They keep you in your protective shell so that the inner life God has placed within you by his spirit cannot break through. However, when you place these thoughts in the ground and bury them deep at the foot of the cross, you begin to feel hope rise up. Your spirit sings. The renewed mind knows…God has plans for you. He has anointed you. Your physical strength is important to those plans. Your body is not your enemy. You are strong. You can do what God has placed in your heart to do. Can you feel it? The hope bubbles up and the blossom opens, bringing with it the fragrance of life.
With the blossom come the seeds. Seeds that will reproduce these new thoughts and ideas in others. Seeds that will be nourished and grow, because life carries with it momentum…forward movement that builds as it moves. This is the resurrection power of Christ. So I am allowing death to have its way in my thoughts…so that momentum will flow. I am killing my muscles…so that momentum will build in my body. They are inseparable, my body and mind. When my spirit rules them, there is life and flow. Momentum.

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