Lesson 1 Part 2

I must admit that whether I am 10 lbs over or 100 there is a nagging sense that I am disqualified from things. I think this is especially true for women. It doesn’t matter if it is society that tells us or it is our own self esteem, we just feel like if we aren’t the ideal body weight we are less…less important, have less to offer, less valuable than the “beautiful people.” I think this disqualification comes from paying more attention to my outward appearance than to what God says about me. I am fearfully and wonderfully made, the apple of his eye. I mean, he died for me after all. That shows me clearly my value to him, yet I internally feel unimportant. As long as this is true, I will hold back. We have all used the excuse…I’ll do it when I have lost weight. As my weight has climbed ever upward, there are more and more things I CANNOT do, or would never consider until I am thinner. But if I look closer at the story of David’s anointing I see God is not interested in my outward appearance…my health, yes, but my appearance not so much.
I want to look deeper at the story of David’s anointing. Samuel was God’s prophet…the voice of God so to speak. God spoke to Samuel and told him to take his oil and go to offer a sacrifice at the house of Jesse. He went and invited the family to consecrate them selves and participate in the sacrifice. Consecrate meant to make yourself clean. It took time and effort to do it just the right way. To me it shows that David was never even considered by his family to be a possible choice. Otherwise, they would have told him to consecrate himself. He was passed over because of his age, stature, or maybe just because he was the baby. Whatever the reason, he was deemed unqualified.
There is a parallel lesson here, for those if us who struggle with weight. We often discount our talents and gifts because of our bodies. We feel unqualified to minister to others, or to step into a leadership role. We relegate ourselves to nursery duty or taking meals to others…after all, food is our specialty. We are constantly aware of our shortcomings.
But look at the story. David received the anointing. Not knowing or understanding how he would become king, or even when…he still allowed himself to be appointed. Now we are chosen by God, as was David. He has given each of us a purpose and position in our lives. Let’s take a lesson from David and receive all that he has for us…no longer thinking we re disqualified due to weight…a number on a scale. David’s heart was prepared. He worshipped and communed with God daily. He took the time to know God intimately. That is why when his time came he was ready…even when no one else believed it.
As it says, God looks at the heart. Our hearts are vitally important to what God has for us. When our hearts are in communion with God, our bodies are not the constant focus of our lives. God will move upon our hearts how to make our bodies whole and healthy. We will act upon his instructions, but we must continue the heart journey, first and foremost. He will anoint us with the oil of the Holy Spirit and with that anointing comes the power to follow after him in other areas. It is a mindset, which disqualifies us not God. We do it to ourselves with our thoughts. He has never disqualified us from his work. Renew your mind to the truth…you are qualified to serve God with purpose and abandon.
Has your weight ever held you back from what you felt called to do? Have you wanted to participate in a ministry or some other activity but you could not because of your size? I have. Mission trips require strength. Plane seats are not conducive to overweight people. Constructing a church in a jungle takes stamina. Working among the poor in cities takes endurance. My body limits my vision. It limits God’s purposes for me. It isn’t that HE had disqualified me from ministry it is that I have turned away from it due to my view of myself. When I look at it like that, motivation begins to creep into my mind and heart. Hope flickers that maybe… God has more for me. Maybe, just maybe there are great things in store. Its about the heart, and a strong spiritual heart will lead to a strong physical heart because God always finishes what he starts.

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