I sat up and stared. A glorious sun streamed through my window, brighter that usual, as if it was calling me to come and look. Stepping outside the cold nipped at my nose, but I didn’t notice for long because my eyes were drinking in the beauty of an ice covered wonderland. Trees dipped in silver shone all around me. They reached for the sky dressed for the day…the day the Lord made. I rejoiced and was glad. Gleaming. Shining. What a dazzling picture the mountains made, sparkling as if they were covered in diamonds. The reflection of the sun off the ice radiated its glory. Silver is the color of redemption in the scriptures…the trees were a testimony of God’s redemption on Sunday in a magnificent display of ice covered branches.
Later, as the sun warmed, the ice melted. Drip. Drip. Drip. All throughout the woods it sounded like it was raining, except for the frequent crashing of ice to the ground. I found it an unfamiliar sound. Yet was taken with it just the same. Nature does that to me, surprises me and thrills me with its flow. Ice coating everything gives way to warmer days in which the thaw is fascinating to watch. It seems to say that life is right around the corner. The silver trees of redemption transform as the hardness of the ice disappears.
Our hearts are like the trees. We are redeemed. It is a glorious state to be in when you realize the love Jesus shows us. Then after he redeems us, he melts our hard hearts. The warmth of the Son, causes the ice that encases us to fade away. This is the day the Lord has made…I will rejoice and be glad!

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