Sun. Sand. Surf. Ahhhh. I don’t know what it is about the beach that makes me relax. I am not even a beach person really. I much prefer the mountains, but there is just something about the waves and wind here that mesmerizes me; maybe it is the constant fizz of the foam, the thunderous crashing of the water upon the sand, or the simple way my kids laugh while playing. Majestic. It makes me realize how enormous God must really be to look out as far as I can see and find nothing but water. It feels so big and I feel small. My problems feel small, like they don’t matter that much after all. For a few days, the hectic pace of life is swallowed up and washed away by the sea. Family togetherness and fun rule. Jigsaw puzzles, books and games are all that exist. Body surfing, sunning and sand castles are the order of each day. Tomorrow will take care of itself. Things seem simpler while at the beach, and that is why we come. Even for just a few moments of time together, that will blow away with the wind when we return home. God is good. He is big. He is in control. If he commands the waves, he can handle my children going to college. If he is consistent enough to bring 16 waves a minute to the shore, he can handle my new job assignment. If mountains of sand and sea grass allow him to arrange their days, so can I. He whispers on the wind…I am. Sitting at the sea, I believe him. No question. He is. That is all I need to know. It is all that matters. Ahhh.

One thought on “Sun

  1. There will never be another now,
    So I’ll make the most of today…
    There will never be another me.
    So i’ll make the most of myself.
    Be happy! You are loved,(Shuler)
    It costs nothing to buy a dream…
    and it’s the best investment you can make.

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