This morning is a glorious one.  The sun is shining but the humidity is low for a change. I wish my mood matched the warmth of the day.  My heart is heavy this week.  Our church has taken a huge hit and it has thrown me for a loop…all of us for a loop.  In the midst of a family crisis, I am seeking God’s heart.  I believe he is grieved for his children. 

I wonder sometimes if he ever regrets giving us a free choice.  I mean, he knew what we would do with that kind of freedom. Today I contemplate his dilemma. He could have controlled us as robots telling us what and how to do things, but robots do not love.  He desires our love, but forcing us to love him would have been empty…devoid of relationship.  Therefore, he gave us a choice.  With that choice to love, came also the choice not to.  As a father and creator that had to be one of the hardest things to do, give us the freedom to fall and to fail.  This week is especially tough because we see the result of bad choices, and the heartache they cause on so many levels.  The fall is horrifying and the fallout immeasurable. We are grasping for answers and comfort.  Our minds are full of fear and doubt as the carpet of our faith has been pulled out from under us.

We are wondering where is his love in all of this, I mean he allowed it didn’t he?  My opinion is that free choice allowed this, and his love had nothing to do with it.  That is why I wonder if he regrets giving life-altering decisions into the hands of humans. Our potential to ruin lives is great.  He gave us his word as a guide on how to make life-giving choices, however he does not require us to read it or follow it.  Even that is our choice.  What does he do when we mess up (and we ALL mess up)? He turns our bad choices into his miracles. I have no idea how he does it, but that is why he is God. 

He can turn even this, because now in the midst of a very difficult situation, there are still choices to be made. Grace or condemnation?  Gossip or prayer?  Compassion or hardness of heart?  It is now that free choice is tested.  It is now that we must go to the book and see what it says.  We must listen to God’s voice and choose to be a part of the turning.  Ask yourself:  Is what I am doing, saying or thinking bring life into the situation or death?  Does it build up and encourage or does it tear down?   What is God’s heart on this?  Is my heart in line with his?  Do I have things in my life that were not wise choices that need to be confessed? 

I believe God knew that free choice would ultimately cultivate a relationship with him, and that our freedom to choose him would create a fulfilling bond of love.  I am also sure his heart is grieved when we do not choose this bond.  I do not want to be one that grieves his heart, so I am committed to make choices that bring life.  Will you?

One thought on “Choices

  1. No situation is hopeless. The Army Engineer Corps has a motto they keep befoe them selves:” The difficult we do immediately; the impossible takes a little longer”. That is a clear statement of the
    Christian faith. There is always a solution to every problem; there is always a way out. (Charles Allen)

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