In the midst of my hectic, yet relaxing, summer God is doing a work.  It is too deep for words at this point.  He is so faithful to work at the core of our souls if we let him.  He puts his finger on something specific and goes to work.  I don’t know if you have ever experienced how he uses current circumstances to highlight dark areas of your heart, but I have and it is sometimes, shall we say uncomfortable.  I am grateful however, that he shines the light of his love in this darkness in order to heal and restore the broken places.

 I don’t know if Christians think of God healing their hearts.  In general, for me anyway, I think my heart was healed when I got saved, and it was.  But that was just the beginning. Thank God that he doesn’t show us all the areas of our hearts that we withhold from his touch at one time.  He is so thrilled to have us restored to himself, that he begins his work slowly.  I have been a Christian as long as I can remember and he has been working in my life all of those years, yet here I am again faced with some life hindering blockages in my spirit.  If I want to be more like Christ, I must walk through instead of ignoring this latest hindrance. 

I think the key is realizing that God is for me and that he is gentle.  I picture a heart surgeon working deftly with precision.  He goes in for the blockage to restore life to the part of the heart that is damaged.  A heart doctor restores the blood flow, and with God it is Christ’s redeeming blood that heals the hearts of his people.  It causes my heart to beat in rhythm with his.  When the flow of life is revived and is adequate, I function more fully in my relationships with others…including God himself.  It is the submitting to the surgery that is the hard part.  It feels risky.  It feels dangerous.  Yet if I don’t my heart shrivels up and dies slowly.  I desire freedom from blockages, but I resist the pain to get there.  So I live in hopes that a partial flow is better than nothing…a heart attack waiting to happen. 

God offers us more.  He desires us to be fully alive, mind, body, and spirit.  He often times uses his word to show us our reflection.  It is a mirror.  (This is why in the tabernacle there was a basin made out of mirrors.  The priests were required to wash there daily, which represents how we wash ourselves in the word daily to show us our reflection…ahh but that is another lesson for another day.)  When I read about God’s perfect love, it exposes my imperfect love.  When I read about his complete forgiveness, it shows me how I do not forgive; it is these exposed areas he deals with on the operating table.  He applies his grace and shows me how to become more like him by unblocking the love I withhold, or by teaching me forgiveness to one who has wronged me.  He uses his word to show me my need.  Then I have to be willing to let him cut me open using his sword of truth.  Yikes!  Do I trust him enough to let him?  It all comes down to my belief or unbelief that he is good.  I love to quote the line from C.S Lewis’s Narnia.  The children ask Mrs. Beaver if Aslan is safe.  She says, “Heavens no, he’s not safe.  But he is good.” 

I know that in the midst of the surgery God is doing on my heart that he is good.  He is for me, and he longs for me to be free of all hindrances in my life.  That is enough for me to give my consent, because no surgeon will operate without consent.

One thought on “Surgery

  1. “Life is full of glad surprises for those who hope”
    “Hope thou in God” Psalm 42. Plant deep in your mind the persistent, persuasive feeling that God is on your side, and , somehow, everything will be all right.(C.L.Allen)

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