Girl Power

I have a new T-shirt that was given to me by a dear friend.  For those of you that frequent Curves, you will recognize the words on the front. It is their February shirt and it says, “Don’t underestimate the power of this woman.”  When I first saw it go up on the monthly t-shirt display I knew I had to own one.  It is the first of their shirts that I just had to have.  Maybe it is surviving cancer, or all the other stuff we have been through over the years, but something about it validates my experiences.  I may look like an over weight, middle-aged woman…but there is power here.  I don’t credit myself for it either.  I know to whom I owe my life and where the power comes from. 

The irony of this shirt is that most of us underestimate the power that is within us.  The shirt shouts to the world the very thing that most women struggle to believe.  We were created with a unique feminine quality that offers strength to those around us.  God put it there, yet we don’t feel powerful…we feel…tired.  It doesn’t matter the age, or circumstances there are a host of everyday events that steal our joy and inner strength.  God designed us to carry his glory and power to the world.  We have something to offer and yes, we should boldly say “don’t underestimate me.”  I would make one slight change to the wording of the shirt…from “of” this woman to “in” this woman, because there is nothing I can do on my own.  It is the power of God IN me that has given me strength to endure hardship and trials.  It is HIS power that you better not underestimate.  In these trying times, we can proclaim with complete confidence that “God power” disguised as “girl power” will see us through. Never, ever underestimate what God can do with you.

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