Another Valentine’s Day

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone.  As much as I hate the commercialization of it, I still love the thought that there is a day set aside to honor love.  I am not into the sappy stuff, for me simple is best.  Bill and I go out and have a nice dinner together.  That’s what I mean by simple.  It is not about gifts but about time and thought.  Connection really.  Busy lives…now with a puppy added in…need a break to remember the romance.  After all it is why we have our lives as we know them today.  We wanted to share the overflow of our love and so we had four kids…and now one dog and a puppy.  It just seems right to want to spread love. 

The history of the day goes way back to when, as legend has it,
Rome declared soldiers could not marry.  It was thought that they would give more of themselves on the battlefield if they didn’t have a wife waiting at home for their return.  A priest named Valentine began to secretly marry couples defying the order of the Emperor.  He was caught and jailed.  In jail he wrote letters to a woman that had befriended him.  The letters were signed Your Valentine.  He was executed on Feb. 14th, thus solidifying his place in history.  Now all of this is questionable if you read enough and there are several versions of the story causing me to think it is probably a legend rather than a fact.  However, I still like the spirit of the story…that love cannot be stopped by war or prison. 

I also know a true version that says love cannot be stopped even by death and that I am worth any cost.  It is this story that has captured my heart.  I live the divine romance each day with my Lord.  He woos me.  His desire is that my heart belongs to him alone. He has proven that his heart is for me by his sacrifice.  It is a dance really, he in the lead and I follow.  Sweet communion.  No human relationship can compare to this heavenly one. 

Valentine’s Day keeps coming around each year, and at its heart is love…a love that cannot be quenched; a love that cannot be stopped, despite all things against it.  It is a picture of the true love that leads to death and then resurrection. A love to be shared…

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