Today was a historical moment in time.  Our children will remember it as the day the first African American became president of the
United States.  And while I am not particularly an Obama fan, I must admit I was taken by the fact that in my life time black people have gone from being viewed as little more than animals, to holding the highest office in the land.  America truly is the land of opportunity.  I watched some of the coverage and saw tears rolling down faces of all colors.  The fact that it was the day after MLK Jr. Day made the moment even more poignant.  The faces of those that were beaten, and spit on back in the 60’s were the most memorable.  A generation that fought hard with courage was rewarded today to see a black man sworn into office.  I am struck by the fact that even in our own country we are continually striving for freedom for all.

 I think that freedom seekers are created by God.  Christ died to set us free.  His purpose for us is to live free from the oppressions that attempt to bind us.  The African American people are a physical example of a spiritual truth.  The enemy wants us to be slaves to him, just as the black people were enslaved during Civil War times.  He does not like it when we begin to realize we do not have to submit to his power over our lives.  We begin to see that there is a better way…a way to be free.  We seek the Lord’s face and his power begins our journey to wholeness and freedom.  I am not talking about the ability to do whatever we want.  No, my definition of freedom is different than that.

 Freedom knows that you deserved death but got life.  It is accepting yourself as flawed, while receiving the love that surpasses those flaws…even uses them for good.  It is unconditional acceptance by the God of the universe.  It surpasses political gain, wealth, and a “whatever” attitude.  It has nothing to do with how people treat you on the outside and everything to do with what you believe on the inside.  We could ask the slaves about that one.  Or ask those that were in the concentration camps. Or perhaps the underground churches of China. I am not diminishing the hardships they faced.  Heavens no.  The circumstances were and are horrific, inexcusable.  I am simply pointing out that the heart of hope that continued to beat despite the trials is where true freedom resides. That God given desire to be accepted as we are and loved any way, is built into each of us.  And we will run after it.  We will fight for it.  We will die for it. 

Even as we sit in our comfortable American lives we instinctively know there is more to freedom than prosperity.  I think that we are going to learn that in new ways in the near future.  Hardships cut to the heart of the matter.  How free do you want to be?  Do you desire it enough to allow God to take you to your knees?  Today was a picture of how far the God given desire for freedom can take you, but it was not without cost.  The fact is that freedom begins with humility and the realization that only God can release the captives.  I pray that our captivity leads us to true freedom…

2 thoughts on “History

  1. There are two freedoms, the false one where one is free to do what he likes, and the true where he is free to do what he ought. (Kingsley)

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