More Bugs

I sent beg bug survival kits back to Berry with Hannah.  Each one had a custom made t-shirt with Berry Bed Bug Dodging Team and a bed bug with a Viking hat written on it.  They also included a toddler pounding toy that is a bed with bed bugs in it and a hammer to hit them with.  I wrote a special beg bug chant; all to welcome the girls back and to poke fun at a difficult problem.  I was hoping that it would build some humor and start the new semester off with light-hearted fun.  Hannah said every one loved the bags and laughed like crazy.  I was pleased. 
This morning Hannah called quite early…7:45.  She has so many bites she said it looks like she has the chicken pox in some places.  No joke.  Less than 24 hours back and she is covered.  I guess the bugs got hungry going a month without food!  I hear they can be dormant for up to a year or something without food…then when a food source is nearby they emerge to eat.  These little pests are frustrating to no end.  The good news is that Berry was able to find another room for Abby and Hannah to move to…permanently.  It is on 2nd West Mary…they were on 2nd East, so they are just a few rooms over into another hall.  Not too far from all their fellow bed bug buddies.  For a few hours today it looked as if they were going to be separated and put in completely different dorm locations.  Then God intervened…maybe due to the mothers prayers???  Anyway, it appears to have worked out and even though it is yet another transition, hopefully it will be the last dealings with the dreaded bugs…at least for us.  You can pray for  the rest of the girls on the hall.  Now that the food source has moved on, the bugs may decide to as well.  There are still 3 or 4 rooms of the 8 on the hall, that are still occupied.  The college is running out of places to put girls that need a new room. 

I have added the bed bug war chant that I wrote for the survival kits for your enjoyment…the spacing is a little weird but you get the idea.

                                                                            Bed Bugs, Bed bugs out of sight,

                                                                                    Only till the dead of night,
                                                                                     When out you crawl to be fed

Filling us with hate and dread.


Bed bugs, Bed bugs are a pain,

We’ll not rest until they’re slain,

Packing, spraying, every day,

Bed bugs, bed bugs go away!


Bed bugs, Bed bugs we’ve got news,

You are doomed, that’s our view,

We’re the girls of second East,

Not afraid of little beasts.


Bed Bugs, Bed bugs we’ve had enough,

You are dead, cause we are tough.

We’ve out lasted the likes of you,

Now we say that you are through.


Bed bugs, bed bugs say good night,

You’ll not see the morning light,

No more hassles, no more moves,

Cause Berry’s gotten rid of you!!!


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