Doctor visit

It seems that William had his foot run over by a car last week…only he forgot to tell me. How I could not notice his limping is beyond me.  I didn’t know anything was amiss until Friday night when he did not march at the football game.  Later he explained that he was trying to get out of a friend’s car to get into Aaron’s. The only problem was he didn’t wait until the car had come to a complete stop.  When he got out he stumbled slightly and his foot ended up under the tire just as the car came to a stop.  The driver didn’t realize what had happened until William started screaming to ”Get it off!”  Fortunately it is not broken…I took him today to have it x-rayed.  The doctor put it in a boot and wants him to wear it for three weeks.  He said that will allow tendons and ligaments to heal without stress.  William is not happy about the boot but does think that it helps him to walk without as much pain.  Never a dull moment at the Gunnin house…

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