More complications

I have had a reaction to the wonderful tape they use to hold my incision together.  I am broken out and hurting.  The nurse came today to make sure I wasn’t infected…the incision is good the skin is bad.  She removed the foam again and the gause that was supposed to make things easier only covered the bottom of the incision so the sides were still stuck.  She decided to pull it all at once…I can tell you this, I cannot do that again.  It was more pain than I ever remember.  I scared my kids to death with a blood curtling scream that lasted five minutes.  This is hard.  I cannot do it again.  I told the nurse that.  She said she would cover it all the way this time and we will see next time how things are.  So I have until Wednesday…  Any prayer for miracles is welcome.

2 thoughts on “More complications

  1. Today starts your week of opportunity…keep those writings coming…I know your tired…and I know you so want this to be over…and it will be…there is a light at the end of this tunnel…We’ll pray that Wed will be a blessing not a curse. Have your dreams been sighlent? I’m praying for you at this very moment!

  2. Thanks for your encouragement. It is so hard. I am better today though. I went out for breakfast with Bill and then to the grocery store! It helps to do normal type activites. Now I am going to take a nap. Maybe a good dream awaits!

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