Do you remember dot-to-dots? For those of you who are younger, a dot-to-dot is a hidden picture which is exposed when one uses a pencil to connect numbered dots, in order.  I always loved dot to dots.  They were part puzzle, part mystery, and part art.  On the more complicated ones, it could be difficult … Continue reading Dot-to-dots


I have a different view of freedom these days.  Before, I rarely travelled outside the US, and when I did, it was to tourist destinations. Now, I have been to countries where freedom is spoken, but not lived out.  My navy-blue passport allows me access to places where others cannot move about freely.  That alone was … Continue reading Freedom


After a friend commented on this one, I pulled it out of the vault from 2011. When the rug gets pulled out from under you due to life’s ups and downs you find yourself falling.  How you land isn’t even up to you it feels.  On your back, butt, knees or maybe… on your face.  … Continue reading Faces


  It is dark. I-can’t-see-my-hand-in-front-of-my-face kind of dark.  I-must-be-blind kind of dark. The light has escaped, swallowed up by blackness. My soul writhes, grasping for any flicker or any spark it thinks it sees. Only there are no flickers.  There is only the black hole where my heart used to be.  A vacuum that sucks all … Continue reading After…