The Greens have Arrived

In the fall, my kitchen turns into a place of worship because the fall leaves make my windows into stained glass. In the spring, the leaves are equally spectacular, only they tint everything green with new life. Their luminosity lights them from the inside, creating a green curtain around my house. It is like an invisibility cloak. The view of the mountains disappears. Even the houses nearby are gone. It’s just me and the leaves celebrating warmer days after the long drab winter. Tucked into the valley, hidden away with fresh life spilling out everywhere.

The birds celebrate by lifting their voices. The wind comes and goes like a familiar neighbor checking in. My doors are wide open all day so the dogs can come and go at will, and the fresh air can sweep away the stuffiness trapped over the long months behind us. My black dining room table turns yellow with pollen, but I don’t mind. Before too long, the AC will be running, so I relish this cool freshness as long as possible.

Up the mountain, all the Greens are having a meeting. A family reunion of sorts. All the cousins, every possible relation, are in attendance. Every shade, light, dark, avocado, asparagus, sage, olive, emerald, jade. Every Green there is, stands upon the peaks around me. They mingle, as if they haven’t seen each other for a long time. Never mind, they stand side by side year-round. In the winter, they seem to lose touch, and spring is the time to catch up between the showers and stormy days. Their branches are animated with conversation. Their leaves reach out to one another with joy. If they could hug they would, I am sure of it.

In the valley, the Green grasses are having a similar celebration. Stretching towards the light of the sun, they grow tall. They sway next to each other and wave in the breezes. They are jubilant to be soaking in the warmth. Each blade chatters with the next, and the cows join the banter.

Life is exploding all around. Flowers bring color to the party. Dotted throughout the scenes, they smile among the Greens. It is their joy to join the fun. All dance, together at the festival of spring. Rejoicing with the resurrection of life from death. I breathe it all in deeply. Soaking and reveling in the merriment. (And secretly hoping that all this deep breathing I am doing doesn’t clog my head with pollen!) Happy Spring!  

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