Plant a Seed

The cloak of darkness, hovers. Whether snow or cold rain, the damp feels like icy fingers reaching inside the bones. The blanket of cold, covers. It is the winter season. A time of isolation. Seclusion. Pulling back. Staying in. For some, a time of reflection. For others, a time of rumination. Either way, it is a time to plant a seed. Not in the cold hard earth, but rather, in the heart.

Out of the heart the mouth speaks. Out of the innermost being flow rivers of living water…or the dregs of death. Which seed? What to plant? It is up to each planter to determine which fruit they want to reap. A tree of strength, perhaps? A flower which spreads beauty? A briar bush with thorns that cut? A vine which poisons? A choice that breeds. Words. Actions. Death or life?

Outside, the storms blow their wrath. Their indignation whistles in the wind. They demand allegiance. Join in. Fly with the torrent. Throw words into the fray. Shout to be heard over the clamor. Louder. Louder. Louder still. Fear the storms. Watch the storms. Do not listen to the quiet. Do not seek silence. Focus on the storms.

Inside, in the quiet, under the blanket, the soil of the heart is prepared. Weeds removed. Pull out the weeds that choke out humanity. Remove egocentrism and self-righteousness by the roots. Yank out bitterness. Wrench the unforgiveness. Jerk the roots of superiority out. Spare nothing. Do the work. Hard ground broken up. Nutrients absorbed. Preparations made. Provision for the fruit to come. What is sewn will be reaped. Want compassion? Plant kindness. Want understanding? Plant connection. Want calm in the storm? Plant peace. Want unity? Plant love.

The storms will rage against the seeds. The outside will blow to and fro. The noise will be deafening. All the reasons they will never grow will rain down like a deluge to drown any hope which sprouts. The anxious thoughts, the fears will pound against the seeds. But deep in the silence of the dark, they will find life. They will take root and use the storms to their advantage. They need only…to be planted.  

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