Wait for the Rescue

Waiting is never easy. Especially when you are waiting for a rescue. Yet, a great deal of the inner life requires waiting on God. His timing. His plan. His action. When I am working out my own rescue, it usually involves striving. Rushing. Trying to ‘fix’ whatever it is. God will sit and wait for me to finish before he moves, because if he moves while I am doing the work, he knows I will happily take the credit.

When I learn to sit and wait, as painful as that can be, he will move on my behalf because there is no way I can be responsible for the outcome. When it is all up to him, I will either blame him or glorify him, but I will get none of the credit. The trick is learning to wait with a heart that is postured in humility. Not one with an arrogant, you-better-fix-this-for-me attitude.

Mary and Joseph had to wait. They had to trust. They had to allow God to provide for this rescue of his, which wasn’t like anyone expected it to be. God’s plan is always a surprise and never follows my expectations, which is why I wait. On him. His ways are so much better than mine.

Waiting on me is worth your time, my Dear. I don’t mind waiting on you, but it is so much more fun the other way around. When you allow me to be your rescue, from whatever it is you need rescuing from, I love to get creative. I love to surprise you. I love to give you the freedom you so desire. A humble heart draws me to it. It calls to me and I delight in the details of the rescue. If I can save the whole world with a baby, just think of what I can do for you. If you can simply wait a little longer.

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