New Hope

Forsythia is waving her wild hair in the breeze and the cherry trees are following her lead. The pears are mostly changed out of their lacy white gowns into their green dresses to join in the dance. All shades of tulips are showing their faces to the warmth of the sun. All around is a kaleidoscope of color. The greens have arrived in all their tones and hues. They are in a race to see who can make it to the top of the mountain first.

Everywhere I look the dependability of the seasons is in full bloom. Even in a year when it felt like spring would never come, here she is. Just when we thought winter would last for years as it did in Narnia, the daffodils pop out to refute winter’s claim, giving new meaning to the phrase hope springs eternal.

Hope in the birds’ songs. Hope in the breeze.  Hope in the rains. Hope in the sun peeking out over the mountains each morning. Hope just does not stop coming. If you are having a bad day, wait till the next morning and watch hope show up.

If we have learned anything from these unprecedented times it is to look for hope and when we find it, to hold onto it. I don’t think we will take it for granted again because we have realized its value…its ability to get us up each day. It is more powerful than an alarm clock. Its ability to transform our mood more quickly than a pill. It only takes a tiny bit, a spark really, to set a flame inside of us.

Hope has arrived with spring in this year of all years. I can feel myself breathing again. (Being careful not to take in too much pollen with my inhaling!) My shoulders are not pulled up tight around my ears, but relaxed and lowered. My countenance is changing. My eyes are looking forward again, with joy rising. Can happiness be far behind?

Life has taught me that when I am coming out of a hard season, my senses are heightened. My appreciation for life is high. My perspective is changed in hardship. This season will be no different for all of us. The joy of getting together with friends will have new meaning. The warmth of a hug will envelope us with new vigor. It is going to be a glorious season of blooming. It will take some getting used to. Differences will abound, and it is not likely we have escaped this time of isolation without a few scars. We will have to give ourselves some grace and take baby steps until our strength returns. But hope is present, and therefore as we navigate the new soon-to-be-post-pandemic waters it will ride right along beside us, carrying us through.

We can dance with the forsythia. We can sing with the birds. We can soak in all the glorious spring changes. (Except the pollen…try not to soak in pollen) Hope lives on. It always does, but this year we will all recognize it and welcome it with open arms.

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