A Book Endorsement

As my book gets out into the world, I get more and more excited. I want its message to go to those who need encouragement. The momentum is building and I love it. This week I got an endorsement from my friends Jerry and Denise Basel.  They have been dear friends for decades. Their counseling ministry, The Father’s Heart, has saved our marriage on more than one occasion. If I have any understanding at all of how God sees me and how much he treasures our relationship, it is because they showed me. When they offered to share my book with their subscribers I was honored. Here’s the link to the newsletter in which I am featured. https://mailchi.mp/d98726130c5f/new-websites-from-jerry-and-denise-4811526?e=01c4cc79cb

Now, I want to introduce my followers to them. They have been married over 40 years, and in ministry for over 20 years. Currently, they do intensive marriage counseling in the downstairs apartment of their home in Cleveland Ga for 8 to 20 sessions over a short period of time. Rather than many months of hour-long sessions, an intensive takes a week or weekend to focus intently on relationships in need of healing. Both Jerry and Denise are counselors, so working with couples individually and also together is a unique dynamic which is difficult to find anywhere else. People travel from all over the world to be counseled by them.

The Basels have an ability to hone in on core issues and lies we believe about ourselves which, in turn, affect our most precious relationships in negative ways. They demonstrate the Father’s heart and walk their clients through finding the truth. God loves you. He values you. He is for you.

Their books are amazing as well, and they take what Jerry and Denise do in the counseling process and make it applicable. They make great small group studies or for individual use. The Missing Commandment Love Yourself, How Loving Yourself the Way God Does Can Bring Healing and Freedom to Your Life is a book which opens eyes to see just how loved we are. It takes the greatest commandments – “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.”

The book asks the question, how can you love others well (including your spouse) if you don’t love yourself? And if God says to love what he loves, doesn’t that mean we have to love ourselves? How do you even do that? This book shows you how. The companion book Loving God, Loving Myself is a great supplement to the first book. I highly recommend both.

I can tell you our lives would be very different had we not known Jerry and Denise. We were friends, then clients, then friends and now board members. I am thrilled they have endorsed my book! Check them out!

Check out their website https://www.fathersheart.com/

And their blog https://www.fathersheart.com/blog-2

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