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This entry is actually from today, December 13th. It was written long before the pandemic yet it applies even more now. If you like what you have read this past week, head over to Amazon to order your 365 days of entries in my book Words to the Weary. It comes in both ebook and paperback. Or click the link on the righthand side of this page. Thanks you for your support of my writing!!

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love. ~1 John 4:18

I have noticed that when you feel everything depends on you, your fear rises. I think it is because you know you cannot do it all. It is too much for you, Weary One. So, when your plates are spinning and it seems there is not enough of you to go around, you get afraid. Afraid something will fall through the cracks. Afraid you will collapse from the effort. Afraid the bills won’t get paid, or that the children will not have what they need. Afraid bankruptcy will come. Afraid the relationship will break.

Dear One, that is too much fear to carry. If you know that perfect love casts out fear, it means you know how much I truly love you and you also know I will take care of you. It might not look like you expect it to, but each item that brings fear into your heart is My challenge to meet. I can help you, but you have to let go. Let go of all the pressure you put yourself under. Let go of the fear that does nothing but suck the life from you. Worry is setting your mind on things below. I want you to set your mind on things above. When you do, even when the circumstances do not change, your mind does. You see with My eyes.

My eyes see My strong hand instead of your shaky one. I see My unlimited supply instead of your limited resources. I see My unlimited love instead of your strained care. I see My restoration instead of your broken relationships. I see healing instead of hurting. When you see from My eyes, you will drop fear like a rock. Worry will fade away, and trust will rise up.

I do not pridefully demand My way. I offer it freely to you, so you can avoid living in fear. I humbly submit it to you as a choice you have. Perfect love or fear? You decide.

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