The Heavens

There is something about the heavens that brings perspective.  Standing below them, hope hovers close to my heart.  The brilliance of the stars contrasts with the black of the sky and the juxtaposition is breathtaking.  Gazing up reminds me how small we are.  How quick life passes.  How unimportant my biggest problems are.  There is comfort beneath the blanket of the heavens.  I crawl under it each night, sometimes unaware of the celestial show above me. 

Other times, like last night, I stand in awe of the creation.  I try to name the stars and remember their places.  I draw on knowledge from childhood to see them and know them.  But that long-ago knowledge has faded over time, and at some point, I give up trying to name them and just stand.  Beneath God’s string lights.  Out in his backyard.  I am beneath and not above. 

I pray.  Standing in a field with three of my heart friends.  We have prayed together since our children were young, and are praying still.  Social distance has kept us apart long enough.  We each stand, wrapped in blankets still warm from being beside the fire pit for hours.  Laughing, crying, and then up the hill to prayer.  A circle of women, distanced but together again.  Tears flow as hearts are spilled out under the stars.  Our thirsty souls connect with the heavens and each other.  We inhale deeply of our fellowship.  We exhale our burdens.  We inhale the beauty of the moonrise.  We exhale the stress of life.  We mirror the stars in our worship.  They pulse and we pulse, all creation cries out the glory that surrounds us. 

All will be well.  God has carried us before.  He will do it again.  He will never stop doing it.  The heavens declare it, therefore it is so.

4 thoughts on “The Heavens

  1. Again, God uses your heart and your words to say what we all felt. It was like coming home from a long journey through the dry and paralyzing desert. Another one of those life changing moments…four Mothers crying out to Him and comforting each other with the amazing, unique and precious union between us, our Messiah. Thank you for your heart and words, Michelle. I love you all more than words can say. Forever and eternity.

  2. EVEN THE ROCKS CRY OUT! – Thank you again, Michelle. Daddy taught me several of the constellations but, for me too, much of that information is lost. One that has always stuck in my memory is the “Five Sisters” always straight overhead. Pleides (spelling?) – Anyway, one burned out and now there are only four! —- Of course, don’t count on me for astrology accuracy.
    Your point is well taken – God’s heavenly show is awesome, as in all he does for us. – luv, mary

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