Blessing for Teachers

The blessing we gave to the teachers at the end of the conference…

  • We bless your mind, and proclaim you have the mind of Christ in all your work.You will think on things above and have positive thoughts which reflect His ways.


  • We bless your vision to see your students in God’s image. You will see yourself as His treasure and know that He sees you as His child.


  • We bless your ears to hear His words to you for your students. You will know when to listen and when to act based on His words to you.  We say you will also hear His words of love for you, which are unconditional and deep.


  • We bless your mouth to speak God’s words both in the classroom and out of it.He will give you encouragements for your students, your co-teachers, and your family.


  • We bless your shoulders, to be strong to carry the burden He has given you for teaching. That you would know the heaviness your students carry and you will lift their load. It is a noble calling and He has entrusted it to you.


  • We bless your hands as they toil for your students and families. May they be trusted hands, not to hurt, but to bring healing to your students.


  • We bless your heart and ask God to lift it with hope. It will lead you to the Lord, and it will be filled with His compassion for your students and your family. That it will not be overcome or disquieted within you, but bring you peace that only can come from the Prince of Peace.


  • We bless your legs to help you stand in the midst of the hardships you face.May they not quiver, but enable you to plant yourself strong in your job and your home.


  • We bless your feet, to go wherever God leads you whether it is back home, or out into the world. That they would take you on the path He has destined for you.


  • We bless your entire being and pray that you would feel God’s presence in everything you do. That you would know He surrounds you because His love for you is immense. We pray now you would go with this blessing and walk in His anointing…as a teacher…and a family member…and a child of God. Amen.


From our hearts to yours,

The ALI Team

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