Welcome 2019

Whether you call them resolutions, goals, or general guidelines, January 1 is always a fresh start. Think of it as a reset button…a chance to reboot and start fresh.  In the spirit of new beginnings here is my list.

  • Lose weight.  Let’s just get this one out there right up front.  I hate that it is on the list every year, and this year, I go back to lose all the weight I gained back. Good news is that I know exactly what to do.  Enough said.
  • Get the muddy paw prints off the windows. I mean, one can hope, right?  They are constant and never ending on windows and floors.
  • Cook more at home. It’s healthier, saves money, and is more meaningful. Though I have to admit, I do love someone else cooking for me more than I like doing it myself…most of the time.
  • Getting to bed early. hahaha
  • Going to see my kids. They are living all over the place these days.  It’s a dream to be able to fly out for a long weekend here and there.  It never hurts to dream. 🙂
  • Making the bed every day.  I know you are shocked I don’t do this.  I debated if I should even put it on the list, but I believe in transparency. I can already tell you it’s not going to happen, but I figure I should make some effort.
  • Spend time with family. The past year has taught me to appreciate the time we have with the older generation. They are brave to face aging with grace and courage.  They need someone to walk with them.
  • Update my blog.  I know my readers know it needs it, desperately.  It’s on my list, I promise. Any techie out there want to help?
  • Read more books. They make me smarter. They lift my spirits.  I love to read.  Why would I not want to increase those things in my life?
  • Finish writing my book.  It’s been on my list for a couple of years and obviously I need to commit more time to it.  I think it’s like birthing a baby and I am not sure I am up for transition…but I think this might be the year.
  • Watch more sports.  Not really, jk.
  • Be patient.  This is NOT a prayer…I know better than to pray for patience. It is more of a wish for the grace to carry all that I do with endurance.
  • Get in shape.  Not sure what shape that will be, but I know it’s important. Breathing is important.  Moving is important.  And I know that being above ground is better than below.
  • Remove clutter.  I have been working on this one and I must say it is freeing.  I plan to throw out everything I don’t use. Contact me if you want some stuff.
  • Be present. In each relationship. In each moment. In each day.
  • Shine the light.  In Uganda.  In Gainesville.  At home.  Let God love others through me. Wherever I am.
  • Wish my friends a Happy New Year…to you all…thanks for reading and sticking with me. More blogs to come.

4 thoughts on “Welcome 2019

  1. Thanks a lot . You have actually enumerated my new year’s resolution . Have a wonderful blessed New Year . I love reading your posts .

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